Cookies + Bars + Sandwich Cookies

* to place an order, please email:
* orders must be received at least 2 days in advance, the earlier the better! 
* payment options: cash, local check, credit card
* orders may be picked up at my shop behind PLANK Coffee at 227 N. Cloverdale Blvd. in 
   Cloverdale... I do not have regular shop hours, so a pick up time must be established at the time of   
   order confirmation
* flavors change seasonally
* gift packs available... please inquire

* minimum order = 12 of one flavor 
*= available gluten-free
V = available vegan

   V* chocolate chip... $18/dozen                                           
                classic chocolate chip... only available GF or V                                                                    
    brown butter chocolate chip pecan... $18/dozen
         sophisticated and complex version of the classic... our signature cookie!
   chocolate tahini with sesame crunch... $18/dozen
         earthy, dark chocolate with tahini and bits of sesame crunch... our new favorite!
   *orange creamsicle... $18/dozen                                    
             orange zest + white chocolate chips 
 V chocolate with olive oil, sea salt, chocolate chunks... $18/dozen
   *chocolate ginger... $18/dozen
         rich and chewy chocolate ginger cookie studded with chocolate chips 
   *lemon crinkles.... $18/dozen
         soft, chewy, lemony... coated in powdered sugar
   *chocolate crack... $24/dozen
         flourless... chocolate + ground almonds + crackly sugar coating = addictive!
    V*snickerdoodles... $15/dozen
         crispy on edges, soft & custardy in the middle... a classic! 
   *bacon ginger... $18/dozen
         sweet, salty, spicy, smoky, chewy, crispy with chunks of bacon & smoked salt
     gooey butter... $15/dozen
         melt in your mouth clouds of butter and vanilla coated with powdered sugar
     brown sugar pecan crinkles... $18/dozen
             soft, chewy brown sugar + toasted pecans + crackled powdered sugar crust
     *flour-less peanut butter... $15/dozen
         soft, melt in your mouth, pure peanut buttery goodness
     *French macarons... $24/dozen
         chewy, flourless almond cookies sandwich with cream filling... assorted flavors available 
                         (one flavor per dozen)
    *French sablés... $12/dozen
         buttery, crumbly shortbreads in a variety of flavors:
                        cardamom rosewater, vanilla bean, pecan, lemon lavender, toasted coconut, 
                        orange thyme...  and more!  (only one flavor per dozen, please!)  

* minimum order = 12 of one flavor
* $2 each 
*= available gluten-free
      *tahini  brownies
         dark chocolate swirled with tahini and sprinkled with black sesame     
      *mexican  brownies
         spiced with cinnamon, chili peppers + ground almonds                            
     *hungarian shortbread
         layered with raspberry jam + powdered sugar finish
        *cocoa nib brownies
         rich chocolate laced with espresso & crunchy cocoa nibs
      *plum almond
              lightly spiced with cinnamon & cardamom and filled with plum jam
         *fruit crumble
              crumbly and buttery filled with seasonal fruit 
         *salted caramel brownies
          rich chocolate swirled with salted caramel

* minimum order = 6 of one flavor
* $4 each 
*= available gluten-free

     *whoopee pies     
            salted caramel cream sandwiched between two soft brownie-like cookies 
         peanut butter cream & raspberry jam sandwiched between two flourless peanut butter 
       oatmeal cream pies
             vanilla cream filling sandwiched between two big chewy oatmeal cookies... look out Little  
      *flourless chocolate peanut butter sandwich     
            intense chocolate peanut butter cookies filled with peanut butter cream
       lemon spice sandwich     
            soft, warmly spiced cookies filled with bright lemon cream
         chocolate cream sandwich     
            dark chocolate cookies filled with vanilla bean cream... updated version of a classic Oreo!

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