Ice Cream Sandwiches

* to place an order, please email:
* orders must be received at least 2 days in advance, the earlier the better!
* minimum order = 6 of one flavor
* payment options: cash, local check, credit card
* orders may be picked up at my shop behind PLANK Coffee at 227 N. Cloverdale Blvd. in 
   Cloverdale... I do not have regular shop hours, so a pick up time must be established at the time of   
   order confirmation
* flavors change seasonally
all sandwiches are gluten-free unless otherwise noted!

Ice Cream Pints: $7 each
Ice Cream Sandwiches: $5 each
house made ice cream + French macaron cookies (unless otherwise noted)
macarons contain almonds
Current Seasonal Flavors:
     lavender macaron + lemon curd ice cream 
     lemon macaron + roasted strawberry ice cream 
     strawberry macaron + buttermilk ice cream 
     chocolate fudge cookie + backyard mint ice cream

Every Day Flavors:
     chinese 5-spice macaron + salted caramel ice cream 
     cardamom macaron + orange blossom ice cream
     chocolate fudge cookie + peanut butter ice cream
     coconut macaron + ylang ylang clove ice cream
     chocolate fudge cookie + coffee cocoa nib ice cream
     coconut macaron + deep dark chocolate ice cream
     pecan macaron + vanilla fudge ripple ice cream
     almond macaron + mexican chocolate ice cream
     lemon macaron + roasted pistachio ice cream
     chocolate fudge cookie + mint chip ice cream
     ginger macaron (or classic ginger cookie) + green tea ice cream
     malted chocolate chip cookie + browned butter ice cream (not GF)
     ...and many more flavors available!! 

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