Specialty Cupcakes

* to place an order, please email: goodies@myflourgirl.com
* orders must be received at least 2 days in advance, the earlier the better!
* minimum order: 12 of one flavor (standard size)
                             24 of one flavor (minis)
* decoration consists of fresh, organic flowers and greenery based upon availability 
* payment options: cash, local check, credit card
* orders may be picked up at my shop behind PLANK Coffee at 227 N. Cloverdale Blvd. in 
   Cloverdale... I do not have regular shop hours, so a pick up time must be established at the time of   
   order confirmation
* flavors change seasonally
GF = available gluten-free

regular: $3 each
filled: $3.50 each
mini: $1.75 each 

Pucker Up, Baby GF
buttermilk cupcake + lemon curd filling + lemon Swiss meringue buttercream

Puttin' On The Ritz GF
chocolate cupcake + vanilla cream filling + sour cream fudge frosting

My Hula Honey GF
buttermilk cupcake + passionfruit curd filling + cream cheese frosting + coconut

Drunken Monkey GF
chocolate cupcake + caramelized banana pastry cream filling + rum Swiss meringue buttercream + toasted coconut

Black Pearl GF
chocolate cupcake + sea salted caramel filling + chocolate ganache  

Charlie Brown GF
chocolate cupcake + peanut butter cream filling + chocolate ganache

graham cracker crust + chocolate cupcake + toasted marshmallow frosting


Chocolate Tahini
dark chocolate tahini cupcake + tahini buttercream + sesame crunch

Kama Sutra GF (not available as mini)
lemon cardamom chiffon cake + saffron rosewater whipped cream + fresh raspberries

Frankly Scarlett... GF
red velvet cupcake + cream cheese frosting 
Tiny Bubbles 
fluffy champagne cake + fluffy champagne buttercream + golden sparkles... perfect for any celebration! 
Strawberry Champagne: champagne cupcake with strawberry champagne buttercream
Peach Bellini: champagne cupcake with peach champagne buttercream

Salty Dog GF
chocolate cupcake + sea salted caramel buttercream

Snickerdoodle GF
cinnamon buttermilk cupcake + cinnamon cream cheese frosting

Harvest Moon GF
pumpkin cupcake + cream cheese frosting + apples or walnuts (optional)

Love Letter GF (not available as mini)
orange cardamom chiffon cake + orange water whipped cream + fresh strawberries

Chocolate Malted
dark chocolate cupcake + malted chocolate fudge frosting

The Dylan Thomas
chocolate stout cupcake + Irish whiskey Swiss meringue buttercream

The Debutante GF
yellow buttermilk cupcake + chocolate fudge frosting... a classic!

molasses gingerbread cupcake + lemon cream cheese frosting

London Fog
chocolate cupcake + Earl Grey buttercream

Coffee Cardamom
cardamom buttermilk cupcake + coffee buttercream

Lady Grey
Earl Grey infused cupcake + lavender buttercream

Strawberry Lemonade
lemon cupcake + strawberry buttercream frosting

Refreshmint GF 
chocolate cupcake + peppermint buttercream 

Secret Crush GF
almond cake + fresh raspberries + rosewater Swiss meringue buttercream

Tarzan's Temptation GF
banana cupcake + cream cheese frosting + coconut

Chubby Bunny GF
carrot pecan cake + cream cheese frosting

Ooh La La GF
chocolate cake + rosewater Swiss meringue buttercream

Sweet Patootie GF
lightly spiced sweet potato cake + bourbon brown butter cream cheese frosting + candied pecans

The Wallflower GF V
vanilla bean cupcake + vanilla bean buttercream 

The All-Nighter GF
coffee infused chocolate cupcake + espresso Swiss meringue buttercream + chocolate covered espresso beans

You Damn Dirty Apes! GF
banana cupcake + brown sugar cream cheese frosting

Chupacabra GF
cinnamon and chili spiced chocolate cupcake + dark chocolate ganache

Geisha Girl GF
almond cupcake + green tea cream cheese frosting

The Old-Fashioned GF
chocolate cupcake + vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream