Thursday, July 14, 2011

Menu for July 19th

Chubby Bunny cupcake... $3 each
carrot pecan cupcake + cream cheese frosting

Charlie Brown cupcake... $3.50 each
chocolate cupcake + peanut butter cream filling + chocolate ganache

Baker's Choice Item:
Strawberry Orange Blossom Shortcake... $5 each
orange scented shortcake + fresh strawberries + orange blossom whipped cream
*single serving in a jar!*

cupcake minimum of 6 - total order must be a multiple of 6
if ordering baker's choice item solely, the minimum is 4 
no baker's choice minimum if ordering in addition to cupcakes

to place an order, email before Sunday noon
 *I cannot accept orders after that time*

deliveries will be made on Tuesday between 10am & 12pm
*perfect addition to your picnic for music on the plaza!*

cash, PayPal and Square payments accepted
*if you would like to send a gift, a personal note can be added*

if you have fruit bearing trees or edible flowers, contact me!
*I'm always looking for local resources*

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