Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Special

Valentine's Day... meh.

I could tell you that I have that perfect something special for 
that perfect someone special... but screw that!
Instead, I say... show yourself some love... treat your own fabulous self to some equally fabulous treats!
Splurge, indulge and celebrate the shining star that you are!
Of course, you can always share with your perfect someone...
 if they're lucky.
*all orders are available gluten-free*
*all orders must be received by Saturday: 2/11*
*to place an order, email*

*Gift Pack*
1 cherry pie-lette
6 chocolate crack cookies
$18 ($20 gluten-free)

*Cupcake 2-Pack*
Secret Crush
almond raspberry cupcake + rosewater swiss meringue buttercream
$7 ($8 gluten-free)

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