Sunday, April 14, 2013


absolutely stunning!!

I have never been so surprised in my life!

about  two months ago I posted this picture on Facebook, saying that I would love it for my birthday... never thinking it would actually happen... just a fantasy!

hot pink kitchen-aid mixer hand-bedazzled with thousands of Swarovski crystals... could anything be MORE perfect for the Flour Girl kitchen!?!?! 

tonight, my husband and I were on our way to my in-laws for dinner and we stopped by our kitchen to check on a few things... little did I know that a gaggle of friends and family were lying in wait to give me my belated birthday surprise... 

I am absolutely speechless... the generosity and love and support of my fans, friends and family is overwhelming!!! 
it's not the "thing" that means so much, but the intention behind it... knowing that people really believe in what I'm doing and that what I do makes people happy makes all the difference.

Doralice Handal is single-handedly the BEST... no one has ever pulled one over on me like this!


still in shock

sparkling in the morning light of our display window!

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